Ford Offers

Ford Service

  • Ford Accident Management, service free to all drivers
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance plans
  • Use of quality Ford parts for added peace of mind
  • Our Ford trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and tools
  • Independent quality checks are carried out by the RAC on any service and repair workTooltip


  • MY VEHICLES: Add a vehicle, view maintenance schedule and other vehicle information.
  • MY DEALER: Assign your preferred dealer and schedule service with participating dealers.
  • PARK: Find parking and pin your spot for easy navigation.
  • FORD CREDIT: Access your Ford Credit account
  • MESSAGE CENTRE: Receive timely messages such as important notifications and service needs
  • GUIDES: Get one-on-one help via phone or live chat from a friendly FordGuide
  • ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: Roadside Assistance for help when you need it most.
  • PERKS: Benefits and rewards will be available soon. Watch this space.
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