New Puma

New Ford Puma at Abbey Garage

Seductive Exterior Styling.

Ford EcoBoost Hybrid.

Best-in-Class Luggage Capacity.

Welcome to the New Ford Puma.

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Mild Hybrid mHEV System

The next generation of hybrid technology.

Outstanding performance.

Increased fuel efficiency.

Improved driving experience.

  • EcoBoost Hybrid technology incorporates a small electric motor with a 48 volt battery to help improve efficiency.
  • Electric motor provides additional support to the petrol engine when needed
  • Regenerative braking technology recharges the battery, helping both to increase your vehicle fuel economy and reduce emission figures.
  • No need to connect Puma to an external power source, as the 48 volt battery pack is recharged while you drive.


  • Modern, athletic styling
  • Lumbar Massage Functionality
  • Innovative and Flexible Luggage Compartment with 456 Litres capacity
  • Handsfree Power Tailgate
  • Liftgate-Mounted Luggage Cover
  • Rear Wide View Camera
  • Selectable Drive Modes – adjust the car’s performance to your preferences
  • Driving is more convenient, engaging, and enjoyable

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